The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh can be reached via email at ayatoilet@hotmail.com

The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh.Kh.Kh. (aka The Ayatoilet) is a pen name and a character that exposes the abuses of the Regime in Iran and those outside Iran that support the Regime or a similar Theocratic agenda. The Ayatoilet communicates in both English and Persian, and utilizes original blogs, videos, music compositions, comedy, novels, and animation movies to appeal to a multi-generational, international audience.

The Ayatoilet’s goal is to provide enlightening, new information and thought-provoking stories to global audiences using an integrated multi-media or multi-platform approach. In this way, by integrating animation, music, and writings, the Ayatoilet hopes to appeal to a wider, multi-generational global audience.

The Ayatoilet’s degrees are phony like the phony leaders in Iran, with phony PhD’s that the ruling elite in the regime in Iran claim they have. The Ayatoilet, is a self-appointed Ayatollah, much like the criminal gang of phony overnight ayatollahs in Iran – that have assumed religious and political power without any religious credentials. Using the Iranian phonetic character Kh the Ayatoilet suggests that the regime are similar other hate groups like the KKK in the US … with leaders like Khomeini, Khamenei and Khatami … the Kh.Kh.Kh.

The Ayatoilet wears a turban (amameh) that is made with toilet paper, and a toilet role prominently displayed at its center (like a crown), He wears a bath robe. This costume suggests that the Ayatollahs in Iran regularly exit bathrooms, after shitting on Iran and Iranians. They also regularly shit on Shiite Islam. That Iran’s government under its current theocratic regime is neither a Republic nor Islamic.

The specific reference to Toilet in the name – is a reference to western designed toilets (which are different to Iranian bathrooms), and that therefore they represent western backers (the Brits) who originally placed this government in power (with Western propaganda and by flying Khomeini to Iran on an Air France 747 chartered by the French government) to take control of Iran.

The Ayatoilet’s message is secular and humanistic. The Ayatoilet believes that government and the public square should be engaged on bringing better quality of life, liberty and happiness to nations – NOW – and not in an afterlife. That religion and government should always remain separate.